Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pharos courses - October 2011

The following online genealogy courses starting this month through Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Limited (www.pharostutors.com) still have some spaces available:

Scotland 1750 - 1850: Beyond the OPRs - 5 weeks - taught by Chris Paton (yours truly!) from 17 OCT, £45.99

Ireland: A Practical Approach to Family History - 5 weeks - taught by Sherry Irvine from 19 OCT, £45.99

Also running in October but now booked up:

Developing and Writing Your Family History, 3 wks, taught by Brian Drescher (starts again 15 MAR 2011)

Your Military Ancestors, 4 wks, taught by Simon Fowler

Further details on the website. For more on my Scottish course, the following video provides an introduction:


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