Friday, 17 May 2013

Society of Genealogists events in London

Forthcoming events at the Society of Genealogists in London (

1 June 10:30-13:00 My Ancestor was Welsh
A half-day course with Mari Alderman Cost 17.50

1 June 14:00-17:00 Care & Conservation of your Family History Collection
Liz will explain the best methods of preserving your documents and photographs. There will be examples for you to view and a question and answer session for queries about specific items
A half-day course with Liz Yamada Cost 17.50

5 June 14:00 A Brief Introduction to Rootsmagic Software
This talk will give you a brief introduction to the latest version of RootsMagic, v 6. During the talk Charlie will highlight which new features were introduced in versions 4, 5 and 6 for the benefit of anyone thinking about upgrading from an earlier version
A one-hour lecture with Charlie Mead Cost 6.00

6 June 18:00-20:00 Education and Apprenticeship Records (evening skills course)
A two-hour evening course with Geoff Swinfield Cost 20.00

8 June 10:30-13:00 A Look at Cloud Computing: One Researcher's View of Computing in the Cloud
In a time where many of us have more than one computing device, as well as other family members who would like to see our genealogy research, the cloud offers us a way to share and transfer information with a far greater ease than previously available. “The Cloud” is something often referred to but not necessarily always understood. It not only offers us a way to collect the data associated with family history but also to share and collaborate with other people all over the world, in real-time if we want. This talk is how one family researcher makes use of cloud tools in his family research.
A half-day course with Graham Walter Cost 17.50

8 June 14:00-17:00 TheWork of the Heir Hunter
Despite good practices to ensure the benefits due to policy and bondholders or their heirs are paid out when due, a rising mountain of cash remain in member mutuals coffers estimated to be worth as much as 20 billion pounds, due to the fact those entitled cannot be traced. The Heir Hunters Association is concerned with providing advice and information to new and fledgling “Heir Hunters”, people who trace beneficiaries to estates left by people who died intestate - without a will.
A half-day course with Maurice Clarke Cost 17.50

12 June 14:00 Tracing Family in Australia
We will look at books and fiche in the Society's library, as well as useful material in the Guildhall, British Libraries, and The National Archives. Online sources will be reviewed: births, marriages & deaths, probate, passenger lists, electoral rolls as a census substitute, newspapers, biography, military, cemeteries and other sources.
A one-hour lecture with Peter Bennett Cost 6.00

13 June 18:00-20:00 Trades, Professions and Guilds (evening skills course)
A two-hour evening course with Geoff Swinfield Cost 20.00

19 June 14:00 Getting the Most from the Society of Genealogists
A one-hour lecture with the society’s genealogist, Else Churchill. Free of charge, but must be pre-booked - preferably by email:

20 June 18:00-20:00 Army Records Before 1914 (evening skills course)
A two-hour evening course with Paul Blake Cost 20.00

22 June 10:30-13:00 Making the Best of the TNA Website
A day at The National Archives at Kew can be a daunting experience. Join this course and arrive better prepared. Well begin by looking at resources you can use before you visit to discover exactly which documents you need to order. You will then make the best use of your time in the reading rooms. There will be tips to help you find what you want easily and quickly.
A half-day course with Simon Fowler Cost 17.50

22 June 14:00-17:00 Manorial Records for Family History Research
The Lord of the Manor had many more rights than just those of a landlord. Apart from recording transfer of land and fines for infringements manorial records usually record the appointments of officers for the many other manorial functions, especially ale tasting!
A half-day course with Michael Gandy Cost 17.50

27 June 18:00-20:00 Royal Navy and Merchant Navy Records Before 1914 (evening skills course)
A two-hour evening course with Paul Blake Cost 20.00

29 June 10:30-13:00 My Ancestor Came From Bedfordshire
Your Bedfordshire ancestors can be a diverse cross section of the population following either agricultural lives involved with rural cottage crafts, or with more industrial occupations such as brick making or car manufacture. Your ancestors are likely to appear in many documents available for research within the county. Find out what records are available back to the medieval period that will identify your native ancestors.
A half-day course with Ian Waller Cost 17.50

29 June 14:00-17:00 Nonconformist Ancestors - including 19th Century Sects
A look at tracing ancestors who were Nonconformist (outside the Church of England) and will include the interesting and more unusual religious sects
A half-day course with Alec Tritton Cost 17.50


My new book, Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet, is now available from Pen and Sword. My next Pharos Scottish course, Scotland 1750-1850: Beyond the Old Parish Registers, starts May 15th - see Time to smash a few brick walls...!

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