The following is a list of some essential links to websites and organisations that can help with British and Irish genealogical research.

National Archives/Libraries

Local archives/libraries 

Family history societies

Online genealogy records suppliers

UK and Ireland genealogy magazines


Gateway sites

Genealogy courses tuition


  1. When I first used the late lamented ScottishGenes, I downloaded your toolbar which has been brilliant. Are you going to update it any time soon please?

    Thanks, G'Lass

  2. I heard you on Thursday evening in Motherwell, Chris, and found out so much. I thought I had exhausted all sources for my Irish ancestry, but have been on the internet since, uncovering lots of gems. I realise I still have a long way to go!
    Many thanks for a wonderful presentation, and for the invaluable information. I look forward to your latest book on Irish genealogy. Jim

  3. Chris:
    A question about Scottish progeniture laws in the 18th & 19th centuries: was it possible, or legal, for a younger son to inherit immoveable property (house, land), instead of his still-living older brother(s)?

    1. It may have been possible through a couple of ways - through a 'tailzie'(, or if a 'trust disposition and settlement' was set up, by which the father would set up a trust whilst alive to oversee his holdings, and to dispose of them following his death according to his wishes (see