Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Limited ( offers a range of online genealogical courses at an affordable rate. Courses range from two to five weeks in length. Each week there is a dedicated one hour interactive chat online with students and throughout each course there is also a dedicated discussion forum employed where questions and issues can be further examined.

I teach two Scottish courses with Pharos:
Scottish Research Online
Scotland 1750 - 1850: Beyond the OPRs

Other Pharos courses include:
Introduction to One-Name Studies
Developing and Writing Your Family History
Ireland: A Practical Approach to Family History
Your Military Ancestors
The Poor, The Parish and The Workhouse: Records in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Australian Roots and Branches
All About Parish Registers
Apprenticeship Records
Migration in the British Isles
17th Century Sources
Victorian Crime and Punishment: Courts, police and prisons
Researching Your Welsh Ancestors
Professional Genealogist: Become one, become a better one
My British Isles Origins: When and How do I Cross the Pond?
Searching for Wills and Administrations in England and Wales
Manorial Records for Family and Local Historians
Climbing Trees: How to get children interested in family history
Before the Modern Census: Name-rich sources from 1690 to 1837
Become a Better Genealogist: Research in England and Wales
Organising Your Genealogy
Nonconformity: its records and history 1600 - 1950
The National Archives Catalogue - Finding People
Old Handwriting for Family Historians
Advanced One-Name Studies
Tying the Knot: Marriage and its Records
Employment Records
Dead and Buried, Not Forgotten: Churchyards, Cemeteries and Their Records
So You Think You Know FamilySearch: A Guided Tour
The Parish Chest: There was more to life than baptism, marriage and burial
Victorian Families: Your Ancestors in the Census
Discover Your Devon Ancestors
Genetic Genealogy: DNA and Your Research
Researching Irish Ancestors Before 1820
Enclosure Maps and Records for Family Historians
Tithe Records for Family and Local History
20th Century Surveys for Family and Local History

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