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New Cambridgeshire collections on Ancestry

New Cambridgeshire collections on Ancestry (

Cambridgeshire, England, Juror Books, 1828-1883
Source: Cambridgeshire Juror Books 1828-1883, Cambridgeshire Archive Service, Cambridge, England.

Historical Context

This collection comprises records of those qualified to serve as a juror in the county of Cambridgeshire between the years 1828 and 1883. Qualifications were based on ownership of land or property and therefore excluded the majority of residents. Those who owned land or property over a certain value threshold may have been called upon to serve on the jury in quarter sessions, assizes or various other courts. The lists of qualifying residents were collected by churchwardens or parish constables and included details of the property that allowed the owner to be included.

This collection includes residents of Cambridgeshire as well as those living in the historic county of Huntingdonshire and historic region of the Isle of Ely, both of which now fall under the administration of Cambridgeshire.

What can I find in these records?

You may be able to find the following information (where available):

Property Address
Year of Residence

Cambridgeshire, England, Electoral Registers, Burgess Rolls and Poll Books, 1722-1966

This database contains yearly registers listing names and residences of people in Cambridgeshire, who were eligible to vote in elections. These year-by-year registers can help place your ancestors in a particular place and possibly also reveal a bit about property they owned.


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