Sunday 16 December 2018

Book review: Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors

My review of one of the greatest genealogy books out from Northern Ireland this year...

Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors 
[Published as 'Researching Ulster Ancestors' in the UK]
By William J. Roulston
Ulster Historical Foundation, 606 pages, £19.99

If you have ancestors from the province of Ulster in the north of Ireland, this second edition of William Roulston's best-selling book is an absolute essential for your family history library. Long overdue (the first edition was published in 2005), this new version is packed with considerably new and enhanced information, embracing developments online, in various Irish archival repositories, and beyond.

Over twice the length of the original edition (which was 262 pages long), every section has been substantially reworked and updated, providing guidance on records of the various church denominations and graveyards; unique seventeenth and eighteenth century themed resources; landed estate records, the Registry of Deeds and wills; government records, newspapers, books, and emigration records; charities and business records; and even sections on organisations, clubs and secret societies.

An entire half of the book is filled with appendices packed with references to collections for individual parishes and landed estates, presented alongside a wonderfully useful series of civil parish maps for the nine Ulster counties.

Roulston's new guide is the perfect and essential companion to John Grenham's 'Tracing Your Irish Ancestors', perhaps the finest complement that I can convey. It is quite simply an outstanding piece of work – thoroughly recommended.

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