Monday 31 October 2011

Find My Past - The Battle of Britain

The following is the trailer for episode 3 of the new Find My Past series on Yesterday. This week - The Battle of Britain:

About the episode

As Germany launched a massive aerial offensive over Britain during World War II, the RAF became embroiled in a sustained daily battle to prevent the Luftwaffe from gaining control of the British skies. This is the story of the famous “Few” who were all that stood between Britain and certain defeat. It was a combined effort from every branch of the RAF and it hinged on a tight network of command centres acrossBritain that intercepted German messages to build a picture of planned enemy bombing raids. This information was then used to determine intercept points where British fighters could engage the German bombers and attempt to bring them down before they reached their targets with their deadly payloads.


Jamie Naden is 20. He was at music college for 2 years in Guildford and plays the piano, drums and guitar for various bands. He currently works part-time as a volunteer for Oxfam but is hoping to go and work in the music technology department of Apple. He doesn’t know much about his family history but knows that some of his relatives were involved in the Second World War.

Timothy Parsons lives and works in Kingston-upon-Thames. He is very interested in his family history and has found out that he is related to Tony Blair through the Parsons side of his family but doesn’t seem to know about any Second World War connections.

Alex Sears is 22, a keen cricketer and training to be a PE teacher. He is vaguely knows that his grandparents were in the war but as he never met them he’s never asked about what they did. Doesn’t know anything about any family beyond that and is keen to learn about his family.

The episode airs on Yesterday on Thursday 3rd November at 9pm and is repeated daily throughout the following week.

Yesterday can be found at Sky channel 537, Virgin TV channel 203 and Freeview channel 12 and there is more info about the series at and their Facebook page at

Looking forward to it! :)

(With thanks to Lee Washington)


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