Thursday 13 October 2011

GRO indexes announcement

Many thanks to Roger Lewry of the Federation of Family History Societies ( for the following announcement from the General Register Office for England and Wales:

The General Register Office for England and Wales (GRO) provides free public access to the index of events for birth, marriage, death, civil partnership, adoption and overseas records. This information is made available in microfiche format at a number of libraries and record offices across England and Wales.

The list of centres acting as host sites for the complete set of the GRO indexes is being extended to provide greater geographic coverage and from 14 November will include Newcastle City Library.

Please note that from 28 October, the indexes will no longer be available to view at the London Metropolitan Archives.

From 14 November the list of centres holding a complete set of GRO indexes including those for more recent events will be as follows -

Birmingham Central Library
Bridgend Local and Family History Centre
City of Westminster Archives Centre
Manchester City Library
Newcastle City Library
Plymouth Central Library
The British Library.

Further details on the records available can be found on the Directgov website

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  1. I still miss the Family Records Centre in London. I virtually lived there when I was starting my research and especially when I began my One Name Study. I suppose with all the on-line access, the fiche are being used less and less. And whatever happened to the governments big plans to digitise all the actual register entries? Haven't heard anything new about that for ages? I suppose they will cry poverty!