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New records added:

St Ives (Huntingdonshire) Fair Court
Among the possessions of the Abbey of Ramsey was the right to hold an Easter fair at St Ives in Huntingdonshire. This was an important gathering, attracting merchants from around the country, and from abroad. The fair was regulated by a fair court, 'curia ferie', or court of pyepowder: among the Augmentation Office court rolls there survives the record of the court for 1275 and 1291 (Portfolio 16, No. 16). F. W. Maitland edited selected cases from the 1275 proceedings for publication by the Selden Society, his expanded reading of the Latin text facing an English translation.

Captain Parker's Soldiers
Among the papers surviving at Browsholme Hall in 1815 was this list of the militia from a group of townships in Staincliffe wapentake of the West Riding of Yorkshire - Slaidburn, Bowland Forest, Easington and Newton in Slaidburn parish; Grindleton, Mitton cum Bashall and Waddington cum Bradford in Mitton parish; and Rathmell from Giggleswick parish. The soldiers' full names are given.

Cape Town Directory
The 1822 African Court Calendar and Directory, published under the sanction of government, includes this directory of Cape Town. The inhabitants are listed alphabetically by surname and christian name, with occupation and address.

Pensions on the Civil List
'The Pensions of England, Ireland, and Scotland, continued on the Civil List, and forming part of the Sum of 75,000£., Class No. 5 of the List, as it stood on the 30th Nov. 1830.' This list of the 1,050 persons receiving a total of £155,255 11s 2d in annual pensions from government funds, gives in each case date of grant, full name (surname first), and the net amount of the pension.

Arrivals at Buxton
Arrivals at Buxton reported in The Derby Mercury of 11 October 1837.

London Vestry and District Board Employees
The returns from the Vestry and District Boards elected under the Metropolitan Local Management Act summarising the rates and expenditure for the year ending Lady Day 1857 include the 'Names of all Officers employed as Clerks, Surveyors, Collectors, Health Officers, Inspectors of Nuisances, and other Officers employed under such Vestry or District Board; setting forth the Offices they severally hold, with the Amount of Salary, Fees, Poundage, Perquisites, Value of House Rent, and others Benefits enjoyed by such Officers under any General or Local Act, or otherwise.'

There are returns from Bermondsey, Camberwell, Fulham & Hammesmith, Greenwich, Hackney, Holborn, Mile End Old Town, Paddington, Plumstead (with Charlton, Eltham, Lee and Kidbrooke), St George in the East, St George, Hanover Square, St George the Martyr, Southwark, St Giles, St James & St John, Clerkenwell, St James, Westminster, St John, Hampstead, St Leonard, Shoreditch, St Luke, Chelsea, St Luke, Middlesex, St Martin in the Fields, St Mary Abbot's, Kensington, St Mary, Islington, St Mary, Lambeth, St Marylebone, St Mary, Rotherhithe, St Matthew, Bethnal Green, St Olave, Southwark, St Pancras, St Saviour's, Wandsworth, Westminster, Whitechapel, and Woolwich.

Inhabitants of the Borough of Derby
A petition to the Mayor of the Borough of Derby from inhabitants soliciting him to convene a public meeting to take into consideration the subject of Parliamentary Reform.


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