Tuesday 6 November 2012

1922 Irish Military Census to be released next week

A military census carried out by the army of the Irish Free State in 1922 is to be released next week on November 13th by the Irish Army's archive at www.militaryarchives.ie.

From the site:

The 90th anniversary of the Census is approaching and will result in the launch online of the first phase of the Military Archives 1922 Census project. The first phase will see the release of digitised scans of the census forms by location, which will be available to view on a map on www.militaryarchives.ie The release will take place on the 90th Anniversary on 13 November 2012 providing a definitive list of Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and soldiers serving at midnight on the night of the 12th November 1922. 

The second phase is scheduled for release in early 1913 which will see the introduction of a text searchable facility by First and Second names, age and location.

For further details visit www.militaryarchives.ie/collections/document-of-the-month/november, where you can actually see a couple of image examples from the census. I had no idea this census existed - all very exciting!

(With thanks to @archivesireland and @defenceforces)


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