Wednesday 7 November 2012

FindmyPast releases newspapers from Britain

FindmyPast ( has added 200 newspaper titles to its site, as sourced from the British Newspaper Collection, and covering 1710-1950. The collections are accessible for free to those with full subscriptions.

Although there are titles on the BNA from Northern Ireland, such as the Belfast Newsletter, it would seem that these do not qualify for a site, with the release providing coverage from Britain only - presumably the Irish titles will appear on the Irish FindmyPast site in due course?

UPDATE: I just raised Northern Ireland with the UK's FMP via Twitter - the response was "Fear not! We've got many more on the way."


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  1. I was initially a bit peeved about this as they have kept that plan quiet and I have annual subscriptions to both the British Newspaper archive and Findmypast. At least my newspaper sub will run out in a couple of months and I definitely won't be renewing. It seems a bit much for Brightsolid to be running 2 separate subscription sites with the same information.

    I wonder how many people will buy annual subs to the newspaper site in future. 79.95 for the newspaper only compared to 109 for the full site? I assume the standalone site will still make sense for short term access

  2. You might also ask why those with a worldwide .com subscription are excluded from the BL newspapers (amongst many other UK databases) their idea of worldwide seems to be different to most peoples definition

  3. Have to be honest, I'm getting confused as to what is going online when! Brightsolid's Genes Reunited is now offering military records which have been on FMP, apparently including Kilmainham pension records (though I can't find them yet) which FMP digitised and has yet to put on its own site. How many platforms can you have offering the same stuff?!!!

    I believe the worldwide FMP subs are getting the newspapers at some point, but happy to be corrected on that.