Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ancestry's Old Search to go in 6 months

Ancestry ( / will be stopping its 'Old Search' functionality in six months time. For those unaware, there are two ways currently to engage with Ancestry's databases, the much loved but-by-God-don't-they-make-it-hard-to-find-on-the-site experience, and the New Search, which isn't the old search, but which smiles at you every time you log in.

To be fair, New Search has improved dramatically since it first launched, but some of us still prefer to use Old Search. Ancestry states only 2% of users now use Old Search, though that could be because it has been playing hide and seek for a bit (it hides, we spend ages looking for it). Once New Search was released, the writing was always going to be on the wall for its older sibling, but it's still sad to be seeing it go.

Thomas MacEntee has the full story at


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  1. Yes Chris I agree OLD search is still my MUCH preferred method. I've said so several times on their blogs and I understood they were going to keep it going. We shall have to see if they drop it and if NEW works or not else I may then decide FMP is better