Monday, 29 September 2014

Durham Records Online update - and Durham records on FamilySearch

New records on Durham Records Online ( :

Gateshead Wesleyan Methodist Circuit baptisms 1837-1883
6,373 baptisms on the Gateshead Wesleyan Methodist Circuit from July 1837 to August 1883.

Gateshead burials 1769-1812
9,993 burials at Gateshead St. Mary, covering 1769-1812. This includes the detail-rich period of 1798-1812 where all sorts of parentage answers can be found, even in burials! These are from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop's Transcript, for maximum detail.

Auckland St. Helen baptisms 1813-1814: details added
We recently discovered that in 1813, in addition to the standard baptism register at Auckland St. Helen, there is another baptism register that continues the Barrington-style entries (i.e. mother's maiden surname, parents' nativity, and child's birth date and birth order) to just past the middle of 1814. (Normally these stop at the end of 1812.) This 2nd register also contains 8 baptisms that are not in the standard register. We have now updated our 107 existing 1813-1814 baptisms to include the details from the 2nd register, and added the 8 missing baptisms, with an explanatory note.

Thornley marriages 1865-1915 updated with occupations, witnesses, abodes
985 existing marriages at Thornley (by Kelloe) in Easington district, from Feb 1865 to May 1915, were updated, gaining the occupations of the fathers and grooms, abodes and witnesses, and correcting errors. We also added 10 marriages to finish out 1915.

Coming Soon:
  • Gosforth baptisms, burials, & marriages 1762-1846
  • Benfieldside Cemetery burials 1920-1981
  • Penshaw baptisms, marriages, & burials 1841-1865
  • Hartlepool St James baptisms & marriages
  • Bishopwearmouth Cemetery burials 1900-1904
  • updates to existing Wingate Grange baptisms

In the queue: several South Shields Presbyterian churches, Morpeth, Felling, Longhorsley, Hart Cemetery MIs, South Shields St Hilda baptisms 1836+, Newcastle All Saints baptisms 1835-36, Hexham Whitley Chapel baptisms & burials 1843-1888, Birtley St Joseph Catholic marriages 1846-1899, Durham St. Cuthbert RC baptisms 1841-1885

(With thanks to Durham Records Online)

NB: If you have Durham based ancestry, FamilySearch has just added additional records from the diocese - see John Reid's blog post at for further details.


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