Saturday, 20 September 2014

Meanwhile, in the rockstar world...!

The Scottish referendum was not the only huge vote taking place last week - in Canada, it was time for the third of John Reid's Rockstar Genealogist polls asking folk to vote for those who "give must attend presentations at family history conferences or as webinars; who, when you see a new family history article or publication by that person, makes it a must buy; who you hang on their every word on a blog, podcast or newsgroup, or follow avidly on Facebook or Twitter".

I'm delighted to say that I've appeared on a few of the lists - it transpires that I came second in Canada, fourth in Australia, eighth in Britain, and on a cumulative basis, I came joint first for genies based within the Commonwealth (defined here as England, Scotland, Wales, Australia and Canada), alongside Janet Few. So crikey, thanks to all who voted!  The full lists are available on John's blog at

As for that other poll - well, the team I was playing for came second. It was an extraordinary campaign, the greatest democratic exercise in Scottish history, and I was thoroughly honoured to play my part within it. I've written an update about this on my other blog at, and my roll within it, but suffice to say it was most definitely a life-changing event, the story of which has not just ended but really only begun. But for now, it's back to full-time business again as a genie...! :)

(With thanks to John Reid)


Now available for UK research is the new second edition of the best selling Tracing Your Family History on the Internet: A Guide for Family Historians, whilst my new book British and Irish Newspapers is also now out. And please consider purchasing the great new version of Caledonia by The Libations at 79p via - all profits go to help fund Scottish foodbanks


  1. Congratulations Chris. I thoroughly enjoyed your very informative talks in Australia, and I wish I could have gone on the genealogy cruise to hear more of them.