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Durham Records Online adds annual subscriptions

Major news from Durham Records Online (

Annual subscriptions available!

Customers been clamoring for annual subscriptions almost as long as this site has been in business, which is just over 11 years now – and we've finally done it! You can now buy an annual subscription to Durham Records Online for £96 or $155 US. With that, you get:
  • unlimited access to all the records on the site for 12 months from the time of purchase. No more rationing your site credits or having to go through the payment process every few weeks (or hours, for our power users) to buy new ones!
  • the ability to filter your search by Parish instead of the broader District – you can select one parish or multiple parishes from a new drop-down list that appears when a subscriber logs in. This is very helpful when you want to search in just one parish or one parish and its adjacent parishes.
  • for parish records, the search results list will show the parish in which the event occurred, rather than District 
  • for marriages, the search results list will show the spouse, allowing you to avoid a click for details if that is not the marriage you seek

We will probably add some more search filters or other capabilities in the upcoming months.

We are not offering the option to pay in monthly installments at this time. If there is high demand for that, we will look into it. We will not auto-renew the subscription; we will remind you when it's time to re-subscribe and will offer you a "loyalty discount” on the subscription price. We are not offering to cash in your existing credits; they are still perfectly good and you can use them up at your leisure and buy a subscription later if you like. We intend to always offer a wide range of options for everyone from the person who buys one record at a time to the person who needs to see hundreds of records per month. We will continue to offer both credits and the ability to buy a single record or as many as you want via the shopping cart.

If you're interested in a subscription, click Purchase (on the site), which can also be found near the login boxes.

Please let us know what you think of the new subscription feature!

New records:

South Shields St. Hilda baptisms 1868-1879
7,569 baptisms at South Shields St. Hilda spanning 1868-1879, from the Bishop's Transcript with extensive checking against the parish register.

Hamsterley baptisms, marriages, burials 1580-1700
At Hamsterley St. James in Auckland district, from the start of the first extant register to the end of 1700
2,077 baptisms 1584-1700
553 marriages 1580-1700
1,406 burials 1580-1700

Durham St. Oswald marriages 1538-1700
1,277 marriages at St. Oswald's in the city of Durham, from the start of the first register in 1538 to the end of 1700. There are no marriages surviving from Dec 1592 to May 1598.

Zion Methodist Chapel, Sunderland baptisms 1809-1836
105 baptisms at the Zion Methodist New Connexion chapel on Zion Street in Sunderland, covering 1809-1836.

Denton marriages 1673-1812
209 marriages at Denton St. Mary in Darlington district, ranging from the start of the first register in 1673 to the end of 1812. Also included are banns that were called here but were not followed by a marriage here. (The couple may have married elsewhere, changed their minds and not married, or they may have married at Denton but the marriage was not recorded in the register.) We now have a continuous run of marriages at Denton from 1673 to 1837.

Pittington baptisms 1651-1700
792 baptisms at Pittington St. Laurence, spanning 1651-1700, filling a gap we've had for a very long time. We now have a continuous run of over 300 years of baptisms at Pittington, from the start of the first register in 1574 to the end of 1905.

Pittington burials 1700-1738, 1759-61 updated
Updated 524 burials spanning 1700-1739 and 1759-1761 at Pittington St. Lawrence in Durham district, adding dates and names where they had previously been judged illegible, or clarifying that the date or name was faded to invisibility if it truly was not readable. Also added 45 burials, mostly from Oct 1727 to August 1729, that had been missed or had been thought to be illegible.

Roman Catholic marriages updated for Hawthorn, Thornley, Hutton House
Updated the following marriages in the district of Easington with the abodes and witnesses that were omitted from our first transcriptions:
  • all of our marriages (309) at Hawthorn St. Michael & All Angels, spanning 1864 to 1978
  • all of our marriages (310) at Thornley The Sacred Heart & English Martyrs Roman Catholic church (called St. Godric's until 1900) from 1854 to 1910, plus we added 7 marriages we missed the first time around and extended the collection from 1910 to the end of 1911
  • all of our marriages (399) spanning 1848-1902 at Hutton House St. Peter & St. Paul Roman Catholic church in Hutton Henry, plus 2 marriages we missed and 12 new marriages to extend the collection to the end of 1903.

Wingate Grange baptisms 1863-1884 updated
Updated 2,583 baptisms for the years 1863-1884 at Wingate Grange Holy Trinity in Easington district, adding father's occupations and abodes where they had been omitted earlier, and correcting errors. We also added 5 baptisms we'd missed.

Coming Soon:
Middleton-in-Teesdale baptisms 1852-1901
Tynemouth baptisms 1833-1849
Ovingham burials 1798-1840
Bishopwearmouth Cemetery burials 1930-39
Houghton-le-Spring baptisms 1581-1650, marriages 1563-1600, burials 1581-1600

(With thanks to Durham Records Online)


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