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TreeView genealogy software released for PC and Mac

The following press release comes from S&N Genealogy Supplies, concerning its TreeView software package (

Revolutionary new multi-platform Family Tree software for PC and Mac

Market leaders in the family history retail sector S&N Genealogy Supplies have just announced the release of TreeView - a new family history software package designed for Windows and Mac. TreeView is the only software available that supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, with access to premium genealogical records and all for just £39.95!

TreeView has been designed by family historians to fill the gap for a powerful, intuitive and feature packed family tree program that is easy to use from the outset. TreeView stores your family tree on your computer with the option to easily sync your tree with and There is also a free iOS and Android app allowing you to keep your family history at your fingertips! Privacy options for your online tree allows you to retain complete control over your research.

Powerful Features
● Access your data wherever you are by syncing your tree between the software and all of your mobile devices at the click of a button.
● Navigate your family tree using a variety of different views including pedigree, family, ancestors, descendants, hourglass, fan and even a full tree view.
● Create beautiful charts and detailed reports in seconds
● Easily add details of your ancestors by attaching facts, notes, images, addresses, sources and citations.
● View your entire tree on screen, or zoom in to a single ancestor.
● Quickly discover how different people in your family tree are related using the relationship calculator.
● Identify anomalies in your data with the problem finder.
● Map out your ancestors lives - use the map view to track your ancestors’ life events across the world.
● Import or export your family tree using the GEDCOM standard.

TreeView has received praise from both genealogy reviewers and users:

● Chris Paton, professional genealogist, writer and blogger:
○ “One of the most versatile family history software products now available”
○ “Navigating around TreeView is extremely straightforward”

● Nick Peers, genealogy writer and blogger:
○ “It keeps your research file in sync with the web via TheGenealogist hosted tree, as well as your iPad, iPhone or Android device”

● “I am so impressed with Treeview, I will be using it for my own research, it is so easy and user friendly, and has all the facilities you could wish for.”
● “A comprehensive multi-platform package that keeps your tree backed up online with stunningly versatile charts and reports.”
● “It’s quick to load and speedy in use”
● “I particularly like the mapping facility”

TreeView allows you to create beautiful charts with a variety of ways to present your family tree. Choose from a range of drag and drop charting options and decide which facts to display. Charts include: Ancestors; Descendants; Fan; Circle; Full Tree; Hourglass and Pedigree. The software allows you to personalise your charts by adding photographs and customising the background with an image or a colour of your choice.

You can also create detailed reports in TreeView, including Individual, Family and Narrative reports. These can either be printed or exported as a PDF or RTF file (a cross-platform document that can be opened by most word processors) for further editing.

TreeView is a powerful easy to use family tree program that comes with a host of useful features including charts, reports and maps. You can sync to the cloud and your mobile devices whilst also having the ability to work offline when you have no internet connection. TreeView’s privacy options allow you to keep full control of your data when storing your tree in the cloud, for extra peace of mind.

There are three versions of TreeView available:

● Free Edition - Includes essential features, with no limits on the number of individuals or the amount of data you can add
● Basic Edition (Download only, £24.95) - Adds support for:
○ Charting
○ Reporting
● Premium Edition (CD & DVD, £39.95) - Includes all features of TreeView Basic, plus:
○ 4 Month Diamond Subscription to (Worth £59.95!)
○ Printed Quick Start Guide
○ Cassell's Gazetteer of Great Britain & Ireland 1893 (Worth £16.95!)
○ Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography (Worth £16.95!)
○ English, Welsh & Scottish Landowners 1873 (Worth £36.90!)
○ Irish Landowners 1876 (Worth £12.95!)

Go to today and find out more.

COMMENT: I'm quoted there in the press release, as I recently wrote a review of the software for the forthcoming 2016 bookazine edition of Discover Your Ancestors, which should be out soon.

The TreeView programme has been available for a while as an online tool via, but with the new software edition it allows you to do the one thing that only Family Tree Maker has so far achieved, and that is to permit syncing between a hosted PC/Mac programme, tablet edition and online version of a tree with one click of a button. This is a feature that I wish many other software packages would adopt also, so major kudos to TheGenealogist team for achieving this.


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  1. Very disappointed in TreeView,seems totally incapable of copying a file from PC to Mac, a total waste of money.