Monday, 15 May 2017

Scottish Records Association page listings

I've just noticed that the Scottish Records Association ( page listing locally held records sources in Scotland that are not on the SCAN catalogue ( appears to have been removed.

The direct URL that used to take me to the records listing page is now taking me (via Mozilla Firefox) to a page saying that the page has been labelled a 'Reported Attack Page', although I can still access it via Google Chrome.

However, if you want to be safe, and need access, it was cached last year by the Internet Archive at - all the links seem to be working there to the collection descriptions.


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  1. It's possibly a bit more than just a false positive in Firefox. When I go to the SRA site in Chrome, the page shown in the Web.Archive simply isn't accessible via the menu system. Nor is there a search box any more to find it. The site has been redesigned at least slightly so whether the redesign cut off that page (and the search) deliberately and that (somehow) worried Firefox, I have no idea.