Sunday 19 August 2012

Highland Memorial Inscriptions

I've just found a mention on Twitter to a website for Scottish headstone inscriptions that I've not come across before, and it is a bit of a cracker. Highland Memorial Inscriptions is located at and offers indexes to inscriptions from headstones from the Highlands and Western Isles, including, I am delighted to note, the massive sprawl in Inverness that is Tomnahurich Cemetery, where my great grandmother's family were all buried (the McFarlanes). Previously to look for more recent inscriptions there I've had to go to the local crematorium office for information on the location of the lairs.

One tip on that - the headstone for the grave of my great grandmother Jessie McFarlane is no longer standing at Tomnahurich, but at the crematorium office a few years back I did discover that there is a set of photographs of headstones kept there which no longer stand or have been removed - and sure enough, an image of Jessie's stone was amongst them, which also noted the passing of my great grandfather in Belgium in 1916. I was thankfully allowed to take a copy of the image with my own camera.

The site is a great addition, and I'll have a bit more fun playing with it tonight! If you find an entry, you can request an image of the photo from the organisers of the project.

(Thanks to Janet Wildig @YrTreeSearcher)


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