Sunday 8 September 2013

Latest Genhound additions

The latest additions to the Genhound website (

London St. James Clerkenwell Burials PtD, 1711-1720, added 04/9/2013, search at:

London St. James Clerkenwell Burials PtC, 1694-1711, added 02/9/2013, search at:

Stockport & Surrounds Directory 1825, 1825-1825, added 31/8/2013, search at:

Salisbury Death Register, 1467-1475, added 30/8/2013, search at:

Pett Family, Shipwrights, 1554-1722, added 28/8/2013, search at:

Nottingham Chamberlain's Accounts 1557-8, 1557-1558, added 24/8/2013, search at:

Fane and Incledon Family Correspondence, 1650-1785, added 23/8/2013, search at:

London St. James Clerkenwell Burials PtB, 1680-1694, added 21/8/2013, search at:

Samborne (Sanborn) Family of Wiltshire, 1350-1495, added 19/8/2013, search at:

London St. James Clerkenwell Burials PtA, 1666-1680, added 17/8/2013, search at:

Sheridan - Family of a Famous Playwright, 1635-1904, added 16/8/2013, search at:

Ley / Wancklen Family Scandal, 1595-1671, added 13/8/2013, search at:

Cartwright Family of Nottinghamshire, 1553-1837, added 12/8/2013, search at:

London St Peter Paul's Wharf Burials PtB, 1712-1837, added 10/8/2013, search at:

Family History from Private Manuscripts, 1307-1686, added 09/8/2013, search at:

London St Peter Paul's Wharf Burials PtA, 1607-1712, added 07/8/2013, search at:

Ancestor Journal Miscellany, 1103-1897, added 05/8/2013, search at:

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My wife Claire is planning to swim from the Scottish island of Cumbrae to the town of Largs on September 14th to raise money for local charity Gillian's Saltire Appeal, providing respite for families affected by cancer (Claire's mum and sister in Ireland have previously come through cancer, whilst my mum, based in England, currently has bladder cancer). Her Just Giving sponsorship page, with further details, is at If you can help to sponsor her, even by a wee amount, we'd be very grateful - many thanks!

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