Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Genealogist adds .com address & invests in IT

From The Genealogist (

TheGenealogist continues to invest in the future - ensuring both speed and reliability no matter where you are in the world!

Subscribers can now use both and to access their family history research!

With the ever increasing popularity of family history and as our number of subscribers grows at a healthy pace, TheGenealogist has invested in a number of new core product features to ensure users of the family history website continue to enjoy the maximum reliability they expect.

TheGenealogist - an international brand
Firstly, with increases in sales all over the world, it was felt important to make it as easy as possible to access TheGenealogist and not just through a address. The international .com web address will now equally represent TheGenealogist too. Secondly, as the unique search tools and major record set additions over the past few years have really pushed TheGenealogist forward internationally, the background technology has been further developed to continue the reliability of service that is associated with a subscription to TheGenealogist.

Major investment in IT Infrastructure
The website can now be accessed from both and, held at multiple, geographically separate data centres on super-efficient servers that easily cover the needs of our subscriber base. The background IT infrastructure ensures there is plenty of room for our subscribers to continue to enjoy the reliable and quick searching features they demand.

The new service had its first major test over the busy Christmas period as our subscribers used the holiday time to further explore their family history. However, the large increase in workload was easily handled by our new multiple data centers and new hardware.

It is easy for a family history website to rest on its laurels and overload systems with large amounts of data and functionality and not anticipate reliability issues. However, TheGenealogist has in place a rigid IT framework ensuring it is well covered for many years to come. A high quality, efficient service will be maintained long into the future.

Mark Bayley, Head of Online Content at TheGenealogist comments: “We constantly strive to improve our service for all our customers. Our increase in user base, services and now free content such as the image archive, has given us the opportunity to redesign our service to be much more resilient to increases in magnitude of users. We have further extended our ability to offer large amounts of records for people to view in a secure and ultra-reliable framework. “

(With thanks to David Osborne)


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