Monday, 29 December 2014

My professional family history research service

Whilst many of you will read my genealogy blog for all the latest news and information that I can get my hands on concerning British and Irish genealogical research, and perhaps also my magazine articles and books on family history topics, I do work primarily as a professional genealogist, mainly within Scottish family history research, but also to some extent with Irish (particularly Northern Irish) and English research. (There's a bit of blurb about me at the top of this blog or via in terms of my qualifications and background.)

Whilst I can carry out research to establish family trees as gifts and presents, I also carry out considerably more work on 'brick wall' problems, where a detailed knowledge of areas such as Scottish land records and nonconformist church records can often lead to the resolution of problems using records not found online. In addition I can source and transcribe documents written in archaic forms of Scots and older handwriting styles such as Secretary Hand, such as sasines and tacks, and also explain the meanings of various documents such as trust dispositions, retours, charters and other document types. In addition to carrying out research at archives and libraries in Scotland, such as the National Records of Scotland or at various local archives, I do also carry out regular research trips to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast.

For several years my research rate has stayed the same at £20 per hour, plus expenses, but in the new year I will be increasing my rate from January 12th to £24 per hour. However, for any enquiries received prior to January 12th 2015, I will be happy to continue to research at my current rate of £20 per hour, plus expenses, no matter how small or large the work required.

So, if you have a research problem that you wish for me to address, or if you wish to establish a family tree for yourself or for others as a gift, please do drop me a note at and I will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. In the meantime, further information on my services is available at

I look forward to hearing from you!


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