Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ancestry adds Popular Edition Maps, 1919-1926 for England and Wales

Ancestry has released a new collection entitled UK, Popular Edition Maps, 1919-1926 ( Here's the blurb from the site:

England’s Ordnance Survey began in 1791 in an effort to produce detailed maps of areas in southern England for military uses. Though it took the better part of a century, the Survey eventually mapped the entire country, and the maps were published between 1805 and 1874. In the meantime, the rapid expansion of railroads and urbanization had changed the face of the country, and maps were being put to greater civilian uses. New surveys led to new maps published between 1876 and 1896. These maps were revised again starting in the interwar years and are known as the Popular Edition Maps, 1919–1926.

The Popular Edition maps are included in this database. These detailed maps cover much of Britain and include features such as forests, mountains, larger farms, roads, railroads, towns, and more to help you better understand and even visualize the world your ancestor lived in.

The title is factually incorrect, as this only covers England and Wales, not the United Kingdom - Northern Ireland and Scotland are not included.


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