Monday, 11 May 2015

Scottish monumental inscriptions survey

Bruce Bishop has recently reported to SAFHS ( the findings of a short survey of the monumental inscriptions records that have been gathered by Scottish based family history societies. The full survey is noted at (fourth story down) and includes the following state of play summary at present:

Of the 3543 sites across Scotland, the inscriptions in 2587 have been published, there are 475 unpublished records, usually where the site is too small to warrant its own publication, or where the transcriptions are in the process of being checked. Work is known to be in progress on 71 sites across Scotland. This shows us that out of the total of 3543 sites. Some 3133 have either been completed or are currently being researched.

The full report details where many publications are held within the country. For summary details on all known collections, also visit


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