Friday, 18 March 2016

FindmyPast adds Royal Irish Constabulary records

FindmyPast ( has added the following collections:

Irish Revenue Police, 1830-1857
Search over 37,000 records to find out if any of your forebears served with the Irish Revenue Police and worked to prohibit the illegal distillation of liquors and spirits. Discover when your ancestor joined the force and where they were stationed

Royal Irish Constabulary pensions 1873-1925
Find out if your relatives served with the Royal Irish Constabulary with over 125,000 pension records that will reveal their rank, number and discharge date as well as the names of their wives and children. Was your ancestor paid extra for outstanding service?

Royal Irish Constabulary History & Directories
Explore the history of the RIC by poring over 1,670 pages from 6 different publications printed between 1871 and 1920. Gain rare insights into their daily operations and the development of the force. Discover your family's place in the history of the RIC.

Also added are Western Australia birth, marriage and death indexes.

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