Sunday, 11 December 2016

My 200th article for Your Family History magazine

I've reached a bit of a milestone today in my genealogy career, in that I have just sent through my 200th article for Your Family History magazine (previously known as Your Family Tree)! The article will be published in the Feb 2017 edition.

My first ever article for the magazine was a case study for issue 40 (August 2006, see pics) about my grandfather's plight being trapped as a child in occupied Brussels throughout the First World War, where his father died whilst hiding from the Germans to prevent internment.

Although this was not my first ever published article, it was certainly my first ever published family history themed article, and led me to subsequently write for other titles, and to set up this blog.

When I started Garrick Webster was the editor in charge, and since then I have worked for various other editors, including Russell James, Tom Watson, and now Nell Darby and Andrew Chapman, as well as various sub-editors and designers. I have been delighted to see the magazine continue to go from strength to strength - I still can't believe I have been writing for it for ten years now!

For details of the current issue, please visit - don't forget that you will find various freebies with each edition that can be downloaded from th website, so well worth bookmarking!


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