Tuesday, 27 February 2018

RootsIreland launches new newsletter

The RootsIreland platform at www.rootsireland.ie has launched a new free to access genealogy newsletter entitled Irish Genealogy Matters.

The four page newsletter notes the following records will be added over the coming months:

• Civil records from Co. Sligo;
• Civil and Church records from Co. Cavan;
• Seventeenth-century muster rolls (census substitute) for the counties of Ulster;
• Graveyard inscriptions from Dublin;
• Burial records from Co. Wicklow;
• Burial records from Co. Westmeath;
• Tithe book and census returns from Co. Limerick;
• Baptismal records from East Galway.

Amongst recent additions to the site is a first name variant search facility.

It would seem that the Ulster Historical Foundation will be supplying a searchable version of its 'Men at Arms' book to the RootsIreland platform, which notes the names of some 13,000 English and Scottish settlers in Ulster as recorded within muster rolls taken circa 1630.

Further details are available at the newsletter which is directly accessible at www.rootsireland.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Irish-Genealogy-Matters-Newsletter.pdf.


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