Saturday, 10 August 2013

Durham Records Online - revamp and new data

Durham Records Online ( has been completely redesigned with the following features (abridged from the news release on email):
  • Top-mounted menu creates more screen width for your search results: All of the menu items that used to be displayed vertically along the left side of the screen are now concealed in a short row of drop-down menus across the top of the page. Note that "Home” is at the bottom of the About menu, and also in the footer of every page.
  • Always-accessible menus and buttons: The entire top area with the menus stays on the page all the time and the contents below scroll under it. The buttons for New Search, Edit Search, Last Results, and View Cart are a little higher and to the right of where they were before, but are also in the always-accessible zone.
  • All login-related information is in one place: The login boxes are now in the upper right-hand corner, and when you log in, this area changes to show your user name, credit count, and links to My Account, Buy Credits, and Log Out (actions that are available only when you are logged in).
  • Everything about your account is now accessed from the My Account page
  • Print a record without the logo, menu, color, etc.: When you view a record, there is now a "Printer-friendly version” link that will redisplay the record on a white background with no colors or pictures, for easy printing.
  • New contact form on the Customer Support page.
  • Navigation in footer: A new footer on every page has links to these pages: Home, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Policies, and Customer Support
  • The "Literature” section is now called "Local History Library” and has been converted to use WordPress for visual consistency, better navigation, and to make it much easier for us to add articles. When you click on Local History Library in the new top menu, you will be taken to a page that displays the table of contents – all the articles in the Library. A collection of customer-donated wills from Durham and Northumberland are in the Library.
  • Mobile-friendly: The screen now reformats itself for smaller screens such as tablets, Kindles, and phones so buttons and menus don't overlap each other.

The following new data is also available:

Silksworth burials 1872-1904
2,490 burials at Silksworth St. Matthew's in Sunderland district, from the beginning of the parish register in August 1872 to the end of 1904.

Cockfield burials 1868-1913
468 burials at Cockfield St. Mary in Teesdale district, covering 1868 through Sept 1884, and 1,074 burials at the new Cockfield Cemetery from its opening in Feb 1883 to August 1913. The first 2 years of burials at the new cemetery are duplicated in the Cockfield parish register, but some details differ, so we have included both versions.

Marriage bonds 1790-1794 updated with full details
Replaced the index to marriage bonds in the years 1790-1794 with full details, so those 2,131 records are now instantly available. Marriage bonds cover the entire Diocese of Durham i.e. Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire.

Coming Soon:
  • Monkwearmouth: Scotch Presbyterian Church on Bridge Road aka North Bridge Street, baptisms 1778-1799
  • Waterhouses Cemetery burials 1881-1992
  • Evenwood Cemetery burials 1871-1998
  • Sunderland Corn Market Independent chapel baptisms 1803-1837
  • Sunderland Primitive Methodist Connexion (Flag Lane Chapel) baptisms 1823-1837
  • Bishopton baptisms 1649-1851, burials 1654-1851, marriages 1653-1812 & 1838-1851
  • Hexham marriages 1837-1841
  • Newcastle St. Nicholas baptisms, burials, and marriages post-1812
  • Ponteland marriages & burials pre-1813

(With thanks to Durham Records Online)


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