Thursday, 24 October 2013

British Genes site redesign

Hi everyone, just a wee note to explain the slight redesign to the blog. I received an email yesterday from a reader that the text was difficult to read on a mobile device because of the template image in the background of the blog - something I didn't initially twig because text is set against a white panel on the Blogger template, which was then set against the image. However, this was the second time I had been informed of this by a reader as a problem, and on further investigation this seemed to be an issue primarily with some Android based devices (I have an iPad and a PC where this had never been an issue, and hence why I did not notice it before). The simplest thing was to just remove the background template, and I've since been told that this has made a marked improvement on legibility. Apologies for anyone else who may have had this problem in the past.

Don't forget that you can also subscribe to a daily email feed of news stories from this blog, by simply heading to the left side of the blog to the Subscribe via email box - easy peasy!

One other minor change is that I have slightly renamed the blog from British GENES to The British GENES Blog. Bottom line is that this was done simply to make the title of the page look a bit better! However, there is also a more fundamental message here - you don't want to be reading any aul' British GENES blog, you want to be reading THE British GENES blog!

If there are any other issues affecting legibility, please let me know, and I can have a look.

Anyway, on with the news...!


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  1. That's great news Chris. I too had the same problem on my new smartphone - a Galaxy Note 2. Our local mast developed problems yesterday. Calls are working today but internet still kaputt. I'll try it in town later and let you know how it looks now.

  2. Working great now thanks