Friday 25 October 2013

SAFHS adds pre-1841 population lists inventory online

The Scottish Association of Family History Societies ( has added another online database to its website, entitled Inventory of Published pre-1841 Population Listings. From the site:

This Inventory contains published pre-1841 Population Lists in the following main formats:
  • Censuses 1801 – 1831, mainly containing similar information to the 1841 census
  • Poll Tax Records, mainly 17th century, containing Heads of Households and in some cases other family members
  • Hearth Tax Records, similar to the Poll Tax Records
  • Heads of Families, lists of Heads of Families in the parish, included if known is a fairly complete list of families
  • Examination Lists, adults and older children in the parish examined on their knowledge of the scriptures
  • Visitation Lists, as Examination Lists
  • List of Inhabitants, included where considered a fairly complete list of the people living in the parish or area
  • Population Lists, known to be a complete list, as far as can be confirmed, of those resident in the parish

As with the Burial Grounds inventory added a few days back (see, the population lists themselves are not hosted on the site, merely the publication details - nevertheless a highly useful research aid. The inventory is directly accessible at

(With thanks to Bruce Bishop)


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