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Forthcoming Society of Genealogists events in London

From the London based Society of Genealogists (

The following Events will take place at the Society of Genealogists in November. To book a place online, visit our website at: You can also book by telephone, at the number listed below.

Sat 2 Nov 10:30-13:00 Tying Down your Immigrant Ancestor
A half-day course with Michael Gandy Cost 17.50

Sat 2 Nov 14:00-17:00 Adoption: Tracing your Birth Relatives
Adoption did not become a legal requirement until 1927, and searching for living birth family members or ancestors who were adopted (whether formally or informally) can be tricky. This workshop is designed to help you navigate the difficult path to tracing your birth relatives, please do bring your own queries along.
A half-day workshop with Jeanette King Cost 17.50

Wed 6 Nov 14:00 Tracing your Quaker Ancestors (re-scheduled from 30 Oct)
A one-hour lecture with Michael Gandy Cost 6.00

Mon 11 Nov 10:30-17:00 Genealogy for Librarians & Archivists
The specific aim of this course is to work with those in the field to enhance their knowledge and understanding of genealogy and family history. As appropriate the methods used in this course will include the use of audio-visual materials and group exercises; the active participation of those attending the course will be encouraged and hence places will be limited. The course will be equally suited to staff in libraries and record offices with little experience in the field as well as those who wish to extend their existing knowledge and understanding of the subject.
A full-day course with Else Churchill Cost 60.00

Wed 13 Nov 14:00 My Ancestor Was a Shoemaker
Shoes have been hand made since the time of the Romans. Virtually every community had its own shoemaker, whose trade was handed down from generation to generation. Manufacture on a large scale began in the civil war when they needed boots and shoes. Today shoes are manufactured en-mass or even if only as piece-work factory hands. Learn about the skills, the records and the lives of our shoemaking ancestors.
A one-hour lecture with Ian Waller Cost 6.00

Sat 23 Nov 14:00-17:00 Land Records & Muniments, Deeds, Mortgages & Inquisitions
Family historians cannot undertake ancestral research without recourse to the many and varied records relating to land. From the 1912 Domesday Survey back to the oldest medieval deeds passing enclosure, manorial documents and the use of maps on the way they contain a wealth of detail about people. Very often land records are under-used or completely ignored. Find out what you are missing out on.
A half-day course with Ian Waller Cost 17.50

Wed 27 Nov 14:00 iPhone & iPad for Family History
A one-hour lecture with John Hanson Cost 6.00

Sat 30 Nov 10:30-13:00 Debts, Debtors, Bankrupts & Bigamists
Throughout the 1700s/1800s many people, as today, got badly into debt, some unable to pay them off and often ending in gaol. Records were generated at every level and this course looks at the wealth of family history information they contain by reference to several famous and not so famous cases from all the social classes. It examines the causes and remedies and also looks at the way spouses walked out on those in debt, causing many bigamy cases to result.
A half-day course with Ian Waller Cost 17.50

Sat 30 Nov 14:00-17:00 The British Library Oriental & India Collections
We will look at the records of British India, from the early days of the East India Company in the seventeenth century, are varied and numerous: birth, marriages and deaths; East India Company employees; EIC, British and Indian Armies merchants and traders. Most of the information is to be found at the India Office Library in London, but there is material elsewhere, and increasingly so on the Internet.
A half-day course with Paul Blake Cost 17.50

(With thanks to Lori Weinstein)


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