Friday, 17 October 2014

British GENES - one and a half million page views and counting!

Just over three years ago, in September 2011, I launched this blog to parallel its predecessor, Scottish GENES, in a bid to bring additional news from across the British Isles, and not just for Scotland. Within months I had decided to concentrate solely on British GENES, largely to save on duplication of effort in posting the same Scottish stories on two blogs!

Well, it's only a wee thing, but I've just noticed that this version of the blog has now had over one and a half million page views, according to the Google stats (and that doesn't even take into account the hundreds of subscribers who read the stories via a daily email or a feed reader!). It continues to amaze me how many people from Canada to New Zealand and across Britain and Ireland who I meet who seem to read it, so thanks for doing so - I'll be keeping at it for a while yet!

(Incidentally, the Scottish GENES blog is still available as an archive of genealogy news from 2007-2011 at

Onwards and upwards! :)


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