Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Irish Roman Catholic registers online launch imminent

The National Library of Ireland (www.nli.ie) will be closed until 3.30pm tomorrow (Wed 8th), as it will be hosting an event to celebrate the launch of the digitised Roman Catholic records, to be released the same day. From the NLI:

Delayed opening on Wednesday, 8th July 2015
All parts of the Library will be closed to the public until 3.30pm on Wednesday, 8th July 2015. This is to facilitate an event to launch the website, Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI. On that day, the Library will open to the public at 3.30pm and will be open until 7.45pm as normal.
The NPA exhibition gallery will be open at the usual times on Wed, 8th July.

Tomorrow should be a fun day...!

UPDATE (Wed): the records will be going online at 2pm today - see http://www.nli.ie/en/list/latest-news.aspx?article=870991de-5fc7-4bba-8025-2f14e920b970


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