Wednesday 18 January 2012


British GENES is a totally free news blog and always will remain so. It does not ask for PayPal donations, subscription fees or charge for "plus editions". Anything I can discover that I think might be of interest to your research, you are more than willing to have it - just as soon as I can get it posted!

If you wish to quote from British GENES stories, please do so, all I ask is that you attribute the blog as the source to each, as I do when I locate material from other blogs, tweets, press releases etc. It's nothing short of a common courtesy really.

It won't hurt a bit, and trust me, you'll feel all the better for it - that warm glow inside just cannot be beaten!



  1. I'll take your name in vain whenever I have an opportunity.

    Thanks for all the news you pass on.

  2. Bless you!

    My wife has reduced my name to some fascinating expletives, each with its own purpose in life...!