Wednesday 18 January 2012

Gillian Waters joins Pharos team

Medievalist Gillian Waters has joined the Pharos Teaching and Tutoring Ltd ( team, where she will be teaching a new five week course entitled Introduction to Medieval Genealogy, from April 19th 2012. Gillian has worked at the National Armouries Museum in Leeds from 1996-2011 and teaches at York University. A full biography and details on the course can be found on the Pharos website.

FYI, the only course starting up in February from Pharos that still is still advertising available spaces is:

Researching Your Welsh Ancestors (Eilir Daniels, 5 wks, £45.99)

And another quick plug for my own Scottish Research Online course, starting from March 8th, 5 weeks at £45.99...!

(With thanks to Helen Osborn)


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