Friday 20 January 2012

TNA - Archives Media Player

The National Archives at Kew has developed a new Archives Media Player, which will carry its audio and video podcasts. At the moment most of the material it hosts is audio, with the video content being audio lectures signed in British Sign Language. TNA's podcasts are simply brilliant, albeit mainly concerned with topics down south, and completely free to listen to. The media player page is at

If you want to watch a bit of genealogical bubblegum for the eyes, put an episode of Who Do You Think You Are on - if you actually want to learn something, invest the same amount of time in a TNA podcast! :)

(With thanks to The National Archives via Facebook) 



  1. Chris,

    I agree, there are some great TNA podcasts for the family historian. I have learnt some really useful stuff.

  2. I have long been a fan of the podcasts - great to listen to on long train journeys to archives etc and it has sometimes been frustrating not to be able to see the images they are obviously showing on a screen at the talk.

    There is a place for both video and audio as I also like the recorded versions of Legacy's webinars. I would like talks to be in both formats really but maybe I'm just greedy.