Sunday 22 January 2012

ScotFamTree returns

The ScotFamTree forum, Scotland's friendliest family tree forum, had a bit of a rough time in recent months in trying to relocate to a new site address. The good news is that it is now back up and running at full steam at and one of its members, Pamela McGowan, has put together a wee video to explain a bit more about what the site can offer.

ScotFamTree describes itself as a forum - I tend to think of it more as an online based family history society, which has meetings drawing members to Scotland from across the world twice a year. I had the great pleasure last year of actually giving a talk at its AGM in Perth, and there is a winter meeting coming up soon on February 4th. If you have Scottish interests, you'll find friendliness, humour and complete irreverance there in equal amounts, or as I like to say in my native Norn Irish - it's great craic!  Over to Pam....

(With thanks to Pam) 


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