Monday, 10 February 2014

New monthly subscription rate from FindmyPast

FindmyPast ( has introduced a new monthly subscription rate. If you wish to access the Britain only subscription, it will cost £9.95 a month (with 12 months access now set at £99.50); for Worldwide access, the monthly cost is £12.95 (versus £129.50 annually).

Full details at


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  1. Findmypast is a very disappointing ancestry search resource, I paid for a 1 month subscription, Thank god I didnt pay any more. birth details don't give the mother or fathers name so you have no idea if its the person you are looking for , (gives a note at bottom of page to say "Mother's maiden name was not recorded on the Index to Civil Registration until 1929 " which is not true , as I have purchased cert from another web site . marriage details gives about 4 bride/grooms possibilities. The district details are too vague , the dates are not even exact just e.g Jan,Feb,Mar - WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT

  2. Whilst FindmyPast certainly does have some problems, I'm afraid that in this case you are actually misunderstanding what is on offer with these records on the site (and also on Ancestry, TheGenealogist, Family Relatives, My Heritage, where the same collections are also available). English and Welsh birth, marriage and death records were indexed on a quarterly basis from July 1837, hence why the date given is Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun etc. The indexes do not contain the exact date, that can only be found from a copy of the original certificate from the English and Welsh GRO via at a cost of £9.25 per certificate.

    Similarly, the English and Welsh GRO did not index marriage records with bride and groom together, but in alphabetical order. The reasons why several potential spouse surnames therefore appear is that the site searches for matches to the first partner, with the same year and quarter, the same registration district, same volume number and same page number - as more than one marriage is recorded on each page, several possible names will be returned. Again, the correct partner can only be conclusively established by purchasing a certificate from the GRO.

    The situation in Scotland and Northern Ireland is considerably easier and cheaper to search, via and

  3. FindMyPast is pricing me out. Pay-as-you-go subscriptions have gone from BP6.95 to 10.95 and now 14.95, as in the past year. Also one cannot renew for longer than 90 days and the carry-over start with your renewal, not the previous expiry date. They are trying very hard (and succeeding, in my case) to drop these subscribers.