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York Peculiars original probate documents from

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York Peculiars original probate documents available on

Obtaining copies of the original probate documents for York Peculiars Probate Collection 1383-1857 has now been made easier and cheaper.

Most of the York Peculiars Probate records held at The Borthwick Institute for Archives have been digitised, and National Wills Index subscribers can now purchase the original documents images using Pay per View credits and view these images directly from the index records.

This collection makes available, exclusively on the National Wills Index, a comprehensive index to over 25,000 wills and other probate documents proved in the 54 Peculiar Courts of the Province of York between 1383 and 1857.

The index notes which documents are currently available online for this ongoing digitalization project. Where documents have not yet been digitised, copies can be ordered online, which will then be emailed as digitised images.

The York Peculiars Probate index usually provides the following information:

Testator's last name and first name
Places associated with person
Document type
Court concerned
Borthwick Institute reference

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