Thursday, 19 March 2015

Durham Records Online update

From Durham Records Online (

South Shields St. Hilda baptisms 1842-1867

11,070 baptisms at South Shields St. Hilda, from 1 July 1842 (where our last release left off) to the end of 1867, from a combination of the Bishop's Transcript and the parish register.

Whitley Chapel (Hexham) baptisms & burials 1843-1874

637 baptisms and 541 burials covering 1843-1874 at Whitley Chapel (St. Helen) near Hexham in Hexham district, Northumberland, from the Bishop's Transcript. Whitley Chapel was originally a chapelry in the ancient parish of Hexham, but it became a separate parish in 1763, with its church dedicated to St. Helen. This parish is adjacent to the Durham parish of Hunstanworth, so families moved back and forth between the two places quite often.

Coming Soon:

Seaham Harbour St. John 1882-1949 marriage updates (adding the missing occupations, abodes, etc.)
Bishopwearmouth Cemetery burials 1915-1919
Durham Diocese marriage bonds 1831-1837
Being checked at the archives: South Shields St. Paul Presbyterian baptisms 1809-1968, Jarrow Ellison Street Presbyterian baptisms 1857-1968, Hexham Whitley Chapel baptisms & burials 1875-1888, Tynemouth baptisms 1833-1838

In the queue: Ovingham burials 1769-1786, Rothbury, Whittonstall, Birtley St Joseph Catholic marriages 1846-1899, Hartlepool St. Hilda baptisms and monument inscriptions, Longhorsley, more Ovingham baptisms & burials, the earliest burials at Durham St. Oswald and Durham St. Nicholas, early Lamesley baptisms, marriages, and burials, and more.


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