Friday, 13 March 2015

Irish societies make journal articles accessible online

Two Irish family history organisations have made back copies of their journal articles available online.

The Ulster Historical Foundation ( has now started to make articles available from its journal Familia (Ulster Genealogical Review), via its Books Ireland platform, at a cost of £1 per article. Back copies of the journals themselves can be purchased for £2. So far, articles can be purchased from volumes 3-29, from 1987-2013, though more are being added. To locate articles of interest, please visit

Also now available are articles from the journal The Irish Genealogist, from the Irish Genealogical Research Society, which has been published since 1937. A free online Names Index to the journal has previously been available on the society's website, but the database will now link researchers directly to articles that match their search criteria. Initially, the Society is launching images of volume 10 of the journal (covering 1998-2001), to be followed with regular releases up to volume 13 (2013). To see the index, which is free to non-members, visit - however, unlike the Ulster Historical Foundation offerings, the linked articles appear to be accessible to members only, although back issues of the journal can be purchased via

UPDATE 12pm: When I first wrote the above I was unable to access any of the articles on the IGRS due to a password barrier, but I have since been told that this should not in fact be there, and will be removed shortly - meaning that the IGRS articles will therefore be free to access.

(With thanks to the UHF and the IGRS)


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  1. I wondered about IGRS also, glad to know that password won't be needed. Thanks, Chris