Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Heading to Canada to give a few talks

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be making my way back to Ontario to give talks at various events in both Toronto and Ottawa, which I am very much looking forward to!

On Friday I will be giving a two hour Scottish based talk from 3pm-5pm at North York Central Library, Toronto, to the Ontario Genealogical Society's Toronto branch ( I last spoke to the society at the library in June 2011, and had a great time there, so very much looking forward to my return visit. On Saturday I then go into full blown Norn Iron (Northern Ireland!) mode, alongside William Roulston, Linda Reid, Leigh-Anne Coffey and David Elliott, in helping to deliver a programme of talks for the Irish Genealogy Workshop - Focus on Ulster workshop (, which should be good fun. No, hang on, it won't be good fun. It's an Ulster based workshop - it will be good craic! (Get practising the accent folks, you still have three days! lol)

On Saturday evening I am then flying out to Ottawa to participate on the last day of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa conference at Ben Franklin Place (, and I will be back in Scottish mode to give talks on Scottish land records, Scottish inheritance, and the unique law surrounding Scottish marriage. This is the last day of the conference, so do check out the main website for events on Friday and Saturday. Although pre-registration has now closed, John Reid's blog ( notes that walk-ins are welcome on the day. Again, this should be another great event, and another chance to catch up with some familiar faces!

I'll do my best to keep blogging whilst away, subject to local wifi access!

(And a quick heads up - next year I'll be making my way over to Vancouver for a wee talks tour - more details soon...!)


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