Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Irish Genealogy improves civil marriage search facility

The Irish Genealogy website at has updated its civil registration indexes to improve its marriage records search facility (subject to a 75 year closure period), as well as to update by a year the indexes available for births and deaths (subject to closure periods of 100 and 50 years respectively). The following is the news announcement (

The Indexes to Birth Records over 100 years, the Indexes to Marriage Records over 75 years and the Indexes to Death Records over 50 years are available to search on The Birth Records Indexes date from 1864 to 1914, the Marriage Records Indexes date from 1845 (1864 for Roman Catholic Marriages) to 1939, and the Death Records Indexes date from 1864 to 1964. Regular users of the site will also notice the enhancement of the Marriage Indexes, with both parties to the Marriage now being shown from 1882 onwards.

Essentially it is now possible to do a marriage search from 1882-1939 using one party's name, such as Patrick Burns, and to know that you have found the right entry for the candidate of interest, with the other party's name of interest also returned in the search result - e.g.

A useful addition, but one that would be even further enhanced when the entries from 1845-1881 are also added in!


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