Monday, 17 October 2016

Ancestry releases new UK military records collections

Ancestry ( has released five new UK military collections:

UK, Military Deserters, 1812-1927
Source: UK Police Gazettes, Luminary Trading.

UK, Royal Air Force Muster Roll, 1918
Source: AIR 1/819/204/4/1316 and AIR 10/232-237. The National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England.

UK, British Jewry Roll of Honour, 1914-1918
Source: Reverend Michael Adler, Caxton Publishing Company.

UK, Naval and Military Courts Martial Registers, 1806-1930
Source: The National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England.
Admiralty: Courts Martial Registers
Judge Advocate General's Office: Field General Courts Martial and Military Courts, Registers
Judge Advocate General's Office: District Courts Martial Registers, Home and Abroad
Judge Advocate General's Office: General Courts Martial Registers, Confirmed at Home.

UK, British Army Lists, 1882-1962
Source: The Official Army List. The National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England.

Rather annoyingly, these are indexes only, with the images available on a separate subscription website, - despite not being listed as third party indexes on Ancestry.


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  1. It is worrying that Ancestry is trying to get its users to get a subscription to an unnecessary second site (which they own). Lets hope they do not start rolling this out to more than just a few military records.

  2. I hadn't realised that Fold3 was an Ancestry site. I found an Ancestry blog from 2013 with comments criticising this policy of sending researchers to another pay site from the Ancestry indexes. Very disappointing having paid for a full world subscription, but they don't seem to want to change this policy.

  3. If they think I'm buying a subs to Fold3, they can think again. Why would I want to pay for loads of stuff about US Servicemen?

    What you need to do is a bit of research first. Of the stuff above, the Army Lists are free in (using the copies from NLS) and the 1918 RAF Muster Roll is on FindMyPast.

    Thanks to IanBee on the WDYTYA Forum, I also know that Ancestry have just added some WO116 stuff "UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Admissions and Discharges, 1715-1925" under similar restrictions - images only on Fold3. However, I did a bit of double checking and *some* of WO116 is a/v for download through TNA Discovery, albeit in a right mix. Some isn't digitised at all there, some is digitised and a/v for free and some is digitised and needs to be paid for.