Thursday, 20 October 2016

National Records of Scotland annual report 2015-2016

The National Records of Scotland ( has published its annual report for 2015-2016 at (it's a downloadable PDF document).

Some interesting facts from the document:
  • The ScotlandsPeople Centre and Historical Search Room had 23,400 visitors.
  • 47,656 offical extracts of records were purchased.
  • 1.1 million people accessed the online ScotlandsPeople website
  • 3.5 million new index entries were made available - the site now has 108 million indexed entries.
  • 82,152 pieces underwent conservation, inclusing old parish registers and the Upper Clyde Shipbuilding photographic archive.
  • Further work has been done to make Church of Scotland kirk session and presbytery registers more user friendly.
  • The privately held records of the Dukes of Argyll, from the 15th to 20th centries, have now been catalogued and added to the National Register of Archives for Scotland under NRAS1209.
  • The records catalogue of the Admiralty Court from 1557-1830 have been added to the online catalogue.
  • The catalogues of the first arrangement of unextracted processes for the Court of Session from 1619-1868 have been added to the online catalogue.
  • 2015 saw thre 150th anniversary of the Association of Registrars of Scotland.

It's an interesting read, at 90 pages in length - have fun!


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