Monday, 31 October 2016

Irish Family History Centre talks podcasts

Two podcasts have been made available by the Irish Family History Centre in Dublin, as part of the Summer Talks in the National Library of Ireland 2016 programme:

Dan Bradley: Ancient DNA and Irish Origins

Instead of extrapolating the past from modern genetic variation, it is now possible to directly analyse whole genomes from the past using ancient DNA analysis of archaeological bones. Work on ancient Irish genomes in Trinity College is giving new information on from where and when our ancestors came to this island thousands of years ago and also tells us something about their genetic character and how it compares to that of our modern peoples.

Joe Buggy: Ten free websites for U.S. genealogy research

Every genealogist loves free access to records and genealogy information. Most people begin with Familysearch and Cyndi's List when doing research in the Unites States. But where can you turn to after using those sites? This talk outlines ten free websites that professional genealogist Joe Buggy regularly uses. These websites will help you locate digitised newspapers, death and burial information, useful maps and a wide variety of other records and sources.

(With thanks to the Irish Family History Centre)


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