Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Free FamilySearch courses and webinars for September

Forthcoming free FamilySearch ( courses and webinars - for further details please visit

Sat, 2 Sep, 1:00 pm
Investigación genealógica de Perú (Beginner)

Tue, 5 Sep, 10:00 am
Family Tree Next Step: Attaching Sources in Family Tree (Beginner)

Tue, 5 Sep, 11:00 am
Using Digital Libraries to Find Your German Ancestor (Intermediate)

Tue, 5 Sep, 1:00 pm
British Case Study (Beginner)

Wed, 6 Sep, 10:00 am
French Language Indexing (Intermediate) (1½ hours)

Wed, 6 Sep, 12:00 pm
Ask Your United States Research Question (Beginner)

Thur, 7 Sep, 11:00 am
Helpful Websites for Finding Your German Ancestor (Beginner)

Mon, 11 Sep, 9:00 am
2017 Is the Year of Nordic Records! Learn What’s Coming (Beginner)

Mon, 11 Sep, 10:15 am
The Who, What, Where, Why, and How of Nordic Records on FamilySearch (Beginner)

Mon, 11 Sep, 1:15 pm
Exploring European Feast-Day Calendars (Intermediate)

Mon, 11 Sep, 2:30 pm
Scandinavian-American Resources (Intermediate)

Tue, 12 Sep, 9:00 am
What’s New in the Swedish ArkivDigital (Intermediate)

Tue, 12 Sep, 10:15 am
Name Searchable Databases in Swedish ArkivDigital (Intermediate)

Tue, 12 Sep, 11:00 am
Submitting Names for Temple Ordinances (Intermediate)

Tue, 12 Sep, 1:15 pm
Swedish Naming Customs (Intermediate)

Tue, 12 Sep, 2:30 pm
Military Records in the Swedish ArkivDigital (Intermediate)

Wed, 13 Sep, 9:00 am
Probate Laws and Records for Swedish Genealogy (Intermediate)

Wed, 13 Sep, 10:15 am
Databases for Swedish Genealogy (Intermediate)

Wed, 3 Sep, 1:15 pm
Introduction to Icelandic Church and Census Records (Beginner)

Wed, 13 Sep, 2:30 pm
Finnish Immigration and Methodology: How to Tackle Finnish Challenges (Intermediate)

Thur, 14 Sep, 9:00 am
Norwegian Church Records (Beginner)

Thur, 14 Sep, 10:15 am
Norway: We’re Getting Married! Traditions and Records (Beginner)

Thur, 14 Sep, 1:15 pm
Lensrekneskapsbøker in Norway (Intermediate)

Thur, 14 Sep, 2:30 pm
Norwegian Migration and Immigration (Beginner)

Fri, 15 Sep, 9:00 am
Danish Estates (Intermediate)

Fri, 15 Sep, 10:30 am
Little Used Records on Arkivalieronline (Intermediate)

Fri, 15 Sep, 1:15 pm
Danish Tax Records (Beginner)

Fri, 15 Sep, 2:30 pm
Research in Copenhagen (Beginner)

Sat, 16 Sep, 1:00 pm
¿Qué, cuándo, y dónde? Los inicios de la investigación italiana (Intermediate)

Mon, 18 Sep, 10:00 am
Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (Beginner)

Tue, 19 Sep, 11:00 am
Starting Family Tree: Research Help and Searching Records (Beginner)

Wed, 20 Sep, 10:00 am
Spanish Language Indexing (Intermediate) (1½ hours)

Thur, 21 Sep, 1:00 pm
Scots-Irish Research (Beginner)

Mon, 25 Sep, 10:00 am
Using the FamilySearch Catalog Effectively (Beginner)

Wed, 27 Sep, 10:00 am
Portuguese Language Indexing (Intermediate) (1½ hours)

Thur, 28 Sep, 11:00 am
Finding Original Records: The Real Game of Hide and Seek (Beginner)

Thur, 28 Sep, 1:00 am
Tracing Early LDS Church Convert Ancestry in England (Beginner)

Fri, 29 Sep, 1:00 pm
Your British/Irish Research Questions Answered (Beginner)


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