Thursday, 24 August 2017

Visiting Gould Genealogy in Adelaide

The Unlock the Past Researching Abroad roadshow ( is now in Adelaide, which is also the home of Gould Genealogy (, Unlock the Past’s parent company. Having previously been to Adelaide just once before to give a talk during a brief stopover on an Unlock the Past genealogy cruise, I had not yet had the pleasure to visit the company’s base, something that was duly rectified on this visit!

Gould Genealogy has a shop in the city, where many products, including the Unlock the Past book range, are manufactured and sold to the public, as well as a facility in the Adelaide Hills where postal orders are sorted from. I popped into the city shop two days ago and caught up with Alona Tester, who gave me a quick tour of the facility, including a look at their print set up from which the various guides I have written are published on demand (there are similar facilities in England and Canada where the same books are published for the UK and North American markets). We of course also grabbed the requisite selfies, with both of us being shameless bloggers and social media users!

Gould Genealogy is a family business run by Alan Phillips, and from his home in the Adelaide hills, his wife Anthea handles the mail order side of the business; being a guest at their home for my current stay I have also been privileged to see this side of the business, and have even visited the local post office to post some orders!

I have been privileged to work with Unlock the Past for the last seven years, and so it has been wonderful to at long last get to see Genie Central in Adelaide! If you are looking for products to help with your research, whether books or support materials, do take a look at the company’s online catalogue at The company also produces ebooks for various products via, and of course its highly popular and successful genealogy cruise ventures via Having just completed a cruise to Papua New Guinea, the company’s next cruise venture will be to Alaska, on which I will be one of the international speakers – for more info on this please visit

Thanks again to Alan and Anthea for their wonderful hospitality in Adelaide, and to Alona for the tour!

(NB: Alona blogs her personal genealogy journeys at, and writes a dedicated Genealogy and History News blog for the company at


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