Monday 11 June 2012

Ancestry sale speculation continues

The speculation that is on the point of selling up is continuing, with an article in today's Times newspaper discussing the possible move, along with discussion of Ancestry's projected revenue this year of US$460 million (see, though access is by subscription only). According to the paper there are many potential bidders, with Facebook amongst those interested, and that "Sale speculation pushed’s share price up by 22 per cent to $26.31 in New York last week, although the company has declined to comment on the possibility that it might be sold."

In fact, it is worth pointing out that neither Ancestry, Facebook nor any other bidder has actually confirmed that any of this is actually true! The only point that seems to be holding up just now is that Ancestry has hired Qatalyst Partners to look into the option of selling the company. So until anybody actually confirms anything, speculation that Facebook is about to take control of our ancestry is simply that. But if it is true, it may well keep the markets happy, but I suspect the user base may have a few things to say...

Is Ancestry about to sell up? Watch this space...!

(With thanks to Bob Blatchford)


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  1. As a long time member I have mixed emotions about the sale.

  2. Worth pointing out that no sale has actually been announced yet!