Monday 18 June 2012

TheGenealogist adds civil birth record transcripts

Latest news from TheGenealogist ( website:

We have just added over 17.5 million birth transcripts, bringing the total number of birth records to over 85 million.

SmartSearch technology has been built in enabling you to find the potential parents' marriage record from a child's birth, list potential children to a married couple and find potential birth records from a person's death record.

COMMENT: The wording is a little vague, so I went in to have a play. This new set up allows you to perform a search for potential parents and siblings to any child within the Births, Marriages and Deaths category, for civil registration records from England and Wales for the period 1920-2005 (the news story on the site confusingly states 1900-2005, but this is an error). You simply perform the initial search and once an entry appears, then look for potential siblings or parents. The database utilises the mother's maiden name field to help produce cross-referenced matches with the surname of the child and father.


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