Sunday, 10 June 2012

From Ireland adds 14,000 gravestone images

I've received the following from Irish genealogist Jane Lyons in Ireland, concerning her From Ireland website project (, first established in 2001:

In the last few weeks we have loaded 14000+ Irish church & gravestone photographs to from-ireland, we have also included 25 albums of views of areas around the country.

My albums include the following:
  • 42 albums for Kilkenny county = 4,616 photographs
  • 49 Albums for Laois or Queen's Co. = 6774 photographs
  • 25 albums for counties from Clare, Cork, Kerry, Kildare, Limerick and Offaly. = 2,626 photographs
  • 25 albums of miscellaneous views of places in Ireland.

My photo index can be found at:
and my photographs at:

I believe that this is the largest collection of freely available easily accessible Irish Gravestone photographs in the world and it is probably 1/2 my collection. It is our intention to add the rest of my collection to the web. My website also includes transcriptions of parish records amongst other things.

Comment: This is a great site from Ireland, with lots of real gems - have a good play with it!


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